Oil Painting to Water Color Painting

Oil painting and water color have been very popular choices of technique and have been known for astonishing results. But how do both popular rankings look like up next to each other?

Oil Painting

Oil painting is very popular for it’s capabilities and finishing product. With many famous paintings used with this very technique , it encourages other artist to use this technique and experience with options it has to offer, but just because everybody is using it due to herd mentality. But why is oil painting so great?

For example take a look at The Mona Lisa, it’s painted with oil painting but that’s not the point. Many things cripple and lose it’s value in this case it’s either color or form. Speaking of time, if one is very slow at completing something oil painting does not dry as quickly which lets the artist to make some changes as they please. Oil painting is able to last up to several weeks exposed to air and they cause goats  to dry up (depending on how many coatsImage result for the mona lisa you put) but it’s also known to not lose it’s color even after years, The Mona Lisa is up to 500 years old but is still worth up to 100 millions dollars. To replace the material it can be a bit pricey but most oil paintings take a lot of time to finish and it give you enough time to save up to replace them.

In the end I find that oil painting can take too long to dry up since I’m an impatient person and is hard to fix if too many layers have been applied but is a good way to have a high quality finish.


Water Color

Many different artist has been asked (Link of source) why choose water color? All of them had different answers but the similarity is that it has a unique finish. The best way to add a touch for a more luminous appearance and is hard to be mistaken for any other kinds of painting.

Water color is usually used to draw scenery and backgrounds due to it’s faded colors which gives off a nature like vibe. But having to paint landscapes can be hard and people tend to makes mistakes but when the color is dried it can be re-written by adding a bit of water and you are capable of removing it. Water color is also capable of being exposed and it won’t lose it’s color unless in contact with water. What is also cool about water color is that you don’t have to worry about material so much, it takes a lot of time to Image result for watercolor paintings of peoplefinish being used and if dried up it can be re-used by adding some water. With so much time to take up using it, and up side to it is that they aren’t expensive to replace. Just buy primary colors and mix them up to your hearts content.

It’s one of the many short cuts used to draw nature like scenes/backgrounds due to the pigment it makes the paint itself look water like and luminous. I do recommend having water color as a medium for some beginner artist because it holds well enough to create images and is easy to fix if a mistake is made.


Image result for watercolor paintings landscape                 Image result for watercolor paintings landscape


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